Wendy Troutman

Executive Assistant

Wendy Troutman is the Executive Administrative Assistant extraordinaire at Potential Unleashed.

With an impressive 18-year journey in the dynamic realm of business operations at Sterling Ledet and Associates, Wendy’s career has been quite the adventure.

Starting as a Client Care Specialist and eventually climbing the ladder to Vice President of Operations, Wendy’s story in the business world showcases her remarkable dedication, sharp strategic thinking, and unwavering leadership qualities.

Wendy’s role is all about making things happen. She’s the wizard behind the scenes who helps the Potential Unleashed by managing schedules, handling important messages, and making sure all communication flows seamlessly.

Wendy’s attention to detail is truly a superpower. Her knack for project management, top-notch logistical support, and expert management of the jam-packed schedules of our esteemed Potential Unleashed Consulting Team truly set her apart.