Understanding The Power Of Leadership

We provide the insight that organizations rely on to select and develop executives, set new leaders up for success, optimize team effectiveness, and evaluate and evolve their organizational cultures.

Leadership Development

You recognize the transformational power of exceptional leadership, and so do we.

In the face of today’s unrelenting competitive pressures, shifting market dynamics and ever-increasing customer expectations, the organizations that will be most successful are those that have the right people in the top leadership roles working effectively together, an organizational culture that is aligned with the strategic direction of the business, and a commitment to developing the leaders needed for the future.

Shift Your Culture

A company’s culture can make or break even the most insightful strategy, but it is one lever of performance that companies can struggle to harness. Boards and management teams can help foster long-term shareholder value by deepening their understanding of culture and forging a culture that is aligned with the business strategy, especially when transformation is on the agenda.

Establish High Performance

Organizations that cultivate and sustain high-performing senior leadership teams are more likely to outpace the competition and realize breakout success. We identify and measure the factors that have the greatest impact on the health of top leadership teams, including team styles and dynamics, and provide advice for improving team performance and alignment with the future direction of the business. We advise on areas such as team formation, role definition and structure.

Applying deep expertise, proprietary tools and considerable experience, we provide the insight into executive experience; leadership capabilities; style and aptitudes; as well as culture and team dynamics that enable better leadership decisions at important junctures for the business.

Our Leadership Team

We hire consultants and vendors that reflect our commitment to developing exceptional leaders and evolving organizational cultures.

Jahmad Canley

Senior Consultant

Dr. Joe Pace

Senior Consultant

Richard Jack III

Senior Consultant

Our Clients

Our diverse client database spans markets, industries, environments, 14 countries, 5 continents, and a few gorgeous Islands! We continue to serve private and public businesses, higher education communities, non-profit organizations, network marketing companies, professional and amateur athletic teams, religious organization.

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