Understanding The Power Of Education

Schools that cultivate a leadership focused on academic exellence, language, and beleifs are more likely to achieve a high performing culture. We identify and measure the factors that have the greatest impact on student performance, and provide advice for improving team performance and alignment with the future direction. We advise on areas such as beliefs of staff and students, expectations, and developing a common language. 

Applying deep expertise, proprietary tools and considerable experience, we provide the insight into beliefs and behavior of both staff and students ultimately solving root challenges. 

      Our work includes:

  • Helping implement a new curriculum and philosophy of learning for students
  • Changing teaching styles of teachers for academic of improvement
  • Replicate the same success at another turn around school towards her new position
  • Turn historically low rated, low performing schools into sought after schools
  • Improve literacy, math, and other curriculum standards of performance
  • Helping leadership think differently and adapt their teaching styles to help students achieve academic excellence
  • Training staff to help understand and accept project based learning
  • Understanding the difference between constructive and restrictive motivation, and how that influences teaching and learning
  • Understanding beliefs, language, and self talk and how it influences your performance

Our Education Team

We’re learning about best practices for achieving diversity, equity, inclusion, access and sharing that knowledge with everyone at the foundation. We’re strengthening our ability to recruit and retain exemplary, diverse staff and leadership. We hire consultants and vendors that reflect our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

Jahmad Canley

Senior Consultant

Robert Jones

Senior Consultant

Donya Kemp

Senior Consultant

Katrina Tuggle

Senior Consultant

Tricia Speid

Senior Consultant

Our Clients

Our diverse client database spans markets, industries, environments, 14 countries, 5 continents, and a few gorgeous Islands! We continue to serve private and public businesses, higher education communities, non-profit organizations, network marketing companies, professional and amateur athletic teams, religious organization.

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