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Name: Donya Kemp


Occupation: Principal Of Slater Elementary



  • Helping implement a new curriculum and philosophy of learning for students
  • Changing teaching styles of teachers for academic of improvement
  • Replicate the same success at another turn around school towards her new position
  • Turn historically low rated, low performing schools into sought after schools
  • It’s considering “City Revitalization” work
  • Improve literacy, math, and other curriculum standards of performance



  • Helping leadership think differently and adapt their teaching styles to help students achieve academic excellence
  • Training staff to help understand and accept project based learning
  • Being able to make the connection between the beliefs of the teachers and academic excellence of the students; re-examining how your own personal experiences shape your beliefs and how that’s going to shape how you teach, and what your personal expectations of the students are. Studies show that one of the main reasons low income schools don’t perform well have everything to do with expectations of the kids. It’s not income ability, etc. 
  • Understanding how to motivate students differently. The difference between constructive and restrictive motivation, and what that has to do with how you teach and how you learn
  • Understanding children’s behavior, and how their behavior is driven by their beliefs and their beliefs are shaped by their experiences. There’s a lot of programs that are trying to create positive behavior that’s great but if the beliefs that are underlying those behaviors aren’t changed, then it tends to resurface in different ways. We need to solve root challenges. 
  • Understanding beliefs, language, and self talk and how it influences your performance
  • No other program focuses on belief and motivation (Second Step, Carol Dweck, etc). Behavior is not only the core to create these results. I also don’t know anyone else whose able to blend social cognitive theory with equity work. 

Role In Sales Process:

  • Reports to Superintendent
  • Partner With Purpose Built Schools Project Based Learning With His Understanding Of Social Cognitive Theory & Equity
  • Partner With Jahmad On Equity Training


Name: Kate Frazier


Occupation: Director Of North Thurston Public Schools



  • Help change the climate and culture of school environment towards positivity and equity



  • The ability to have a common language and common understanding amongst leadership (for the best interest of students)
  • Transitioning and adopting a new language for student growth improvement and academic excellence
  • Help with transitioning the chaos of emergencies and poor leadership and morale within low performing schools, and changing this environment towards a high performance, positive school within one or two sessions using Jahmad’s foundational principles


Role In Sales Process:

  • He was in American Leadership Foundation


  • Jenny Reid is being recognized and received an award by Washington for Student Growth. 



  • Clients love storytelling. 
  • Foundational research molded into real clear simple strategies. 
  • Personal, vulnerable, relatable stories based on foundational research. 
  • Activities which help simplify research and powerfully educate you on becoming high performance.  

Name: Aaron Jones





  • Breaking down the HABES, (Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs, Expectations) and deconstructive these things are within organization 



  • Form a common language , remind each other to avoid things that will infringe on the ability of success
  • Move organization in positive direction
  • We need a refresher on what we already know but encapsulates it in a language that’s easily digestible, familiar, and can be supported.
  • We weren’t necessarily in a sinking ship by any stretch of imagination, but it was a reminder for the things philosophically or esoterically that we were already doing
  • When it gets to the core principles, the activities and examples that he uses to exemplify the core concepts that he uses is other worldly. Using and understanding the ways we limit ourselves using physical representations. How does that work organizationally? What does it mean to support one another in seeing what we don’t see? 
  • Facilitate a new summer bridge program for transfer for students
  • Keynote address workshop to address intolerance on college campuses for presidential campaign leading up to the election (2016)


Role In Sales Process:

  • Met Jahmad through the Train the Trainer Weekend (Friday – Sunday), told decision maker to do this
  • Works for the Student Government
  • Worked With Ladonte To Lead Training Session For Student Leaders, Leveraged Jahmad As Well


I was able to reply upon a very knowledge, astute, kind and compassionate source in jahmad with a wealth of information and expertise that’s been proven, and we bring him back into our environment in the work that we’re doing in terms of shifting culture which is a gradual process but we are very intentional about it. 


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