Noah Prince

Senior Consultant

Noah brings his experience as a speaker, group facilitator and consultant to business and organizational leaders. 

His focus is on culture, leadership development, and enhancing leadership effectiveness through relationship and employee equity.

His down-to-earth, people-centered and engaging style continues to have a huge impact on every audience he works with.

Noah specializes in working with Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, education groups, nonprofits and individual clients. 

He meets clients where they are on their diversity journeys and helps them grow by engaging integrity, intelligence and heart.

Noah is unique and sought after in his approach of engaging majority members in client systems to see themselves as part of the leadership and dialogue on inclusion and diversity.

Noah has a B.A. in black feminist thought and an M.Ed. in urban education.

He is highly passionate about advocating for Black Lives Matter, Me Too and children, and enjoys spending time with his family.