Katrina Tuggle

Senior Consultant

Katrina Tuggle is a school administrator, public speaker, mentorship program founder, and consultant in Washington State. She places a high value on the experiences she gained working with students who come from diverse social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds while teaching in urban Title 1 elementary, middle, high school, and college settings.

Namely, a clear understanding of how to facilitate academic, emotional, and social growth in students while promoting high engagement and development of learning community through addressing the whole child, incorporating students’ racial identities and experiences into the curriculum as well as developing relationships and partnerships with families.

Her educational background includes an Administration Certificate from the University of Washington-Tacoma, a Master’s in Teaching from the University of Puget Sound, and a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies from Washington State University. The multidisciplinary framework of her undergraduate degree fostered her understanding of how social constructions and representations of race, gender, and class impact our historical and contemporary world and gave her a deeper understanding of diverse ethnic communities in our country.

Currently, she works as an Assistant Principal at an elementary school on the Eastside of Tacoma. Within her role as an administrator, she has led the work of implementing building-wide systems and accountability structures for racial justice, social and emotional learning, and restorative practices both in her building and for the district.

Her mission has been to promote alternative teaching methods to support the diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds of students. In this way, learning surrounding any curriculum becomes student-centered, inquiry-based, and relevant to my students’ cultural, social, emotional, and academic development.

She believes that by raising teachers’ critical consciousness regarding oppressive social conditions, they will begin reimagining and revaluing the social, cultural, and economic complexities that exist within the classroom.

Her racial identity and socialization were positively impacted by the racially diverse schools she attended and the community in which she was raised. Many of her experiences have taught her much about the importance of race specifically being a White woman.

She has learned to stay humble, listen first, talk about race, class, gender, power, and privilege. She uses her Whiteness as a vessel to speak to other White people about race, speaks truth to power, and creates systems to dismantle racism in education.

Katrina specializes in leadership coaching, facilitation, training, and organizational development with an emphasis on racial justice. Katrina is skilled and experienced in creating and advising equity committees, teams, and K-12 anti-racist curriculum development.

Katrina understands that relationships are vital to change in any capacity and as a result, she supports the development of lasting relationships with staff, leadership, unionized and at-will workforces.

Katrina has two daughters whom she loves reading two, completing art projects, and going on adventures. She and her husband love traveling, spending time with family, exercising and cooking with each other.