Diana Dvora Falchuk

Senior Consultant

Diana Dvora Falchuk is a mother, artist, organizer, facilitator, strategist, coach, and organizational change consultant who works across the US and internationally in diverse contexts – from grass roots community groups to government, non-profits, philanthropy, universities, arts organizations, and movement organizations – to build racial equity, social justice and belonging, and support transformation for the sake of all living beings.

A significant thrust of her work is with white leaders and predominantly white organizations seeking to notice, name, heal from, and replace patterns of racial and other forms of inequity.

Her approach integrates arts, mindfulness, and embodiment to shift institutional culture, leadership practices, and decision-making processes in support of equitable program and policy outcomes. She practices through her own consultancy and as a collaborator with people of color-led organizations Our Bodhi Project and Potential Unleashed.