Our Approach

Change is always happening. It typically happens fast and often happens all around us.  Transition seems to take more time and for the most part, takes place inward in both the mind and heart.  So the real question is when change is implemented; how well do you and your people transition?

What We Do

Potential Unleashed examines the difference between change and transition, identifying how habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations can become roadblocks on the path to transition or become the helpful tools needed in adjusting to the ever-changing world.  Every client is assigned a core team consisting of at least one senior strategist, implementation specialist, and project manager.

Our Transformational Process


We understand that just as people are similar but unique, so are organizations, cultures, teams, and the issues they sometimes face. 

Our biggest tool in being able to assist you begins with our ability to listen to you and help uncover barriers at the root cause level.


After we have a good understanding of you, your organization, the culture, the roadblocks, the desired vision and the outcome, we custom design solutions to close the gap between the vision and current reality. 

We always align our solutions with your mission, vision, values, and goals.


Potential Unleashed works within your current structure to provide solutions that will deliver the desired impact and results. 

We often start with leadership development and then work our way through the organization in a variety of organic ways to minimize resistance, maximize results and maximize performance.


We help you sustain our new culture. Because your success is our success, we follow the process all the way through and provide coaching or services as needed to sustain the new level of effectiveness. You are never alone.

We assist in creating a constructive culture with a common language, a creative environment, as well as a renewed sense of accountability and an interest in positive contribution.

Our framework helps our clients answer efficiency and performance questions that block individual and organizational potential. Understanding that every organization is different; we listen to our client’s needs and develop solutions that specifically address individual organizational barriers.

Our diverse client database spans markets, industries, environments, 14 countries, 5 continents, and a few gorgeous Islands! We continue to serve private and public businesses, higher education communities, non-profit organizations, network marketing companies, professional and amateur athletic teams, religious organization.

With our services, we help organizations lead productive, effective teams that leverage the strengths of team members, address cross-functional challenges, and get work done.